Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My OPI Mariah Carey 2013 Picks

Hi guys,

Today I want to show you swatches of my 3 picks from OPIs most recent collection: Mariah Carey Holiday 2013. This was a HUGE collection even by holiday collection standards, with a grand total of 18 shades. While most of the promo images for this collection look a little bland, some amazing blogger swatches are starting to pop up, plus I had good experience with Mariah Careys other OPI collection release earlier this year (I got 5 of the 8 polishes and I still rate them highly in my helmer). I couldn't resist picking up the 3 that looked most interesting to me.

OPI My Favorite Ornament:

OPI My Favorite Ornament is a light gold-champagne pure glitter, full-coverage nail polish. Hands down my favourite of the lot. The swatches above used 2 thick coats have no top coat. I was a little confused by this shades texture, as far as I knew My Favorite Ornament is NOT a liquid sand finish. On my nails it clearly seems to be. And to be honest I'm OK with that (strange! bc I normally avoid the liquid sand finish at all cost).  MFO is an extremely blinged out shade, and I predict will be selling out fast.  I showed a few co-workers my bottle of  MFO right after I purchased it, they said things like: I love how interesting this colour looks, it seems to have a lot of dept to it, such a pretty shade... ect. I couldn't agree more, their first impressions were dead on.

OPI Underneath The Mistletoe

OPI Underneath The Mistletoe is a red jelly semi-packed with silver, red and pink glitter, there could be purple glitter in there too, but I'm not sure. The colour is hard for me to put a finger on, one min it seems to boarder looking like a vampy ox-blood, next min UTM is looking a bit on the magenta side of red. Lighting makes a BIG difference to the shade you see thanks to the jelly properties of the base polish. UTM red is a very traditional OPI style red. Every holiday collection OPI can be counted on to have like 6 bright reds. The important thing to remember is no one, and I mean NO ONE can do a red polish like they can, so if you find one you love: grab it! 

Underneath The Mistletoe had a near perfect formula, I originally did 2 coats, but in the direct light from my light box I could still see a few streaks so I opted for a 3rd. 

My only complaint with this shade is its a top coat eater. This swatch was a full mani, and I expected it to last a few days, by the morning it was bumpy (and not because it was wet or anything when i went to bed).

OPI I Snow You Love Me

OPI I Snow You Love Me: A clear topper polish with round holographic glitters. Sounds amazing right?!! I personally found the formula very hard to work with. The base was thick and no glitters stuck to the brush. I ended up digging out the rounds out with my dotting tool and placing them on my nails. I had to add a few drops of thinner as well. I'm kinda wishing there was more to this shade, something like the super fine silver glitters in OPI Pirouette My Whistle. 

While I'm not totally sold on this polish as a topper I DO like it used in nail art. I currently have a mani on using the rounds as accents, and I dig it. Buuuuttt you can just buy a little jar of round glitters from Born Pretty or KKCenterHK and pay a fraction of the price (discount codes for each on the right side bar).

Sorry OPI, I love you, and you're my favourite nail polish brand, but I give I Snow You Love Me a bad review. Its hard to work with & you get questionable results. It's great for nail art, but not worth the $9.00 I paid for it. I am still happy OPI made this nail polish, because it definitely indicates a direction I would love to see OPI move towards in future collections: the edgier indie style glitter toppers.

Have you purchased any of OPI Mariah Carey 2013 polishes yet? What do you guys think of MC first collection compared to this one? 

I truly loved the first MC/OPI collaboration, and am a little disappointed with this years holiday offerings. At least we have the OPI & Gwen Stefani collection to look forward too in 2014! 

Thanks for reading!



  1. wonderful review! I completely agree with you :)

    1. Thank you so much! Did you end up getting any from the newest Holiday collection?

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