Monday, 4 November 2013

Inside My Helmer (Stash Pics)


Over the weekend I moved the location of my Helmer (aka nail polish storage) to my basement crawl space. It frees up room in my bedroom, where my-soon-to-arrive baby boy will be spending his first few months, and moves my pretties away from my 2 older children (I've already lost Stranger Tides way before her time), not to mention I'm not sure the nail polish is the safest thing for toddlers to be around... ever (for both the toddler & nail polish lol). I took the opportunity of having my Helmer drawers out in the open to snap some pics of my stash to share.

Drawer 1:
Drawer 1 has all my "this and that" like oils, top coats, and one-of's certian brands.As well as my rare or expensive birds (aka my Chanels, Diors, Enchanted Polish decant, and Prisms) plus my 2 Picture Polishes, 2 FNUGs, Nfu Ohs, Barielles, my only Ozotic, Konad Stamping Polishes, and all my other random stuff. I don't really use this drawer alot, but its still pretty important.

Drawer 2:
Drawer 2 has my Cult Nails, Joe Fresh, Claires, Butter London, SOPI, GOSH, Nails Inc, Maybelline, Orly, Essence (the round style), 2 Suzy Sheir polishes (what!?! I wanted to see how they are!). This drawer has a few loners: Bondi, Models Own,  Finger Paints, Catrice, WnW.

Drawer 3:
Drawer 3 is mainly all drug store stuff. I rarely use this drawer. The front is all my stripping polishes, and obviously I have my 2 Zoya gift sets in here. Also I keep my Color Clubs (including holos), and CNDs here. Brands are Color Club, Essence, NOPI, Sally Hansen (various), Revlon, CND, Zoya gift sets (Blogger & Gold top coat set).

The next 3 drawers are my (nail polish) babies, I always turn to these drawers first, and contain all my favourites in terms of brands, colours, usage, and in over-all-stuff-I-like.

Drawer 4:
Drawer 4.  Brands in drawer 4 include: Essie, Lise Watier, Barry M, Zoya, A-England, and a lone Misa. If I had to rate this drawer it`d be my 2nd favourite.

Drawer 5:
Drawer 5 has all my China Glaze, Sparitual, and if you squint you can see a small handfull of OPI`s...
But wait...
a small handfull of OPI's...
That doesn't sound right...

Drawer 6:
Thats right, because OPI gets its very own drawer! Drawer 6. This is my most used, and obviously my fullest drawer. You can see the damaged bottle lids where OPI Stranger Tides broke. I should probably purge some of these, but I really don't want too! The majority of these are limited editions and long gone from shelves today. I have items from Alice In Wonder Land, Burlesque, Katy Perry, Suedes, Muppets, Pirates, Texas, DS, Swiss, Germany, NY Ballet, Nicki Minaj, Miss America, Miss Universe, both Mariah Careys, Holland, France, Hollywood... and that's all I can think of on the fly. Many of these collections came out long before I started collecting nail polish, and I'm so happy to have one or 2 of their gems within my stash.

Family Portrait:
This my entire polish stash minus indie polishes. I have this sweet small red box that they fit into, stored underneath my end table. It holds less then one Helmer drawer & and my indie collection still has room to grow. I didn't take pictures this time because my camera battery was very low (and I still had to put my pics on the computer).

I have another box that contains my nail art & stamping supplies. This includes polishes I like to use for stamping, plates, loose glitter, water decals, stickers, brushes, dotting tools, files, cuticle removers, Q-tips, tools, and various nail care items.

My last storage item is a small re-usable shopping bag. I keep things like acetone, cotton balls, lint roller, and new purchases in there (to be swatched). I also use this bag to carry nail polish & stamping supplies to my friends and families homes to do their nails.

It has taken me about 4 years of collecting to get all this, but there has been some purges & swaps in those years as well. My collection is constantly evolving as new stuff comes in and old stuff out. Another blogger once said that she's not ever going to get another Helmer, and I fully agree. I cannot justify holding on to double this amount (I'm pretty sure that people in my family are already threatening to call hoarders on me!). At least I know I'm not alone in the nail blogging community!

I remember once at work, someone speculated that I must have *at least* 15 bottles of nail polish... ummm yeah, I may have... lol

These pictures are 100% current as of Saturday Nov 2nd (That's when I wrote this post). If you have any questions about any of the polishes you see in here feel free to let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, have a great day!



  1. LOL *at least* 15 bottles of nail polish... - she should only know ;)

    Thanks for sharing all your beauties, I think a new Helmer should be planned soon :)

  2. Haha, family portrait :) What a nice collection!

  3. Hahahah!! That crack me up too 'family portrait' xD Ohh if only I was updated with nail polish stuffs way back then, would have love to own some of the Alice in Wonderland collection >.< My helmer is not filled up yet but I know what you mean and the other blogger too! I have quite a number already and getting more didn't seem at all practical. Unless they are really unique and something to worth adding into collection, otherwise I can't think of any new colours I may need to get.

    Hehe, I am also in the process of re-organising my stash! Hopefully I can keep the place less messy for Christmas XD

  4. Wow I wish my collection was this large! Where do you buy most your OPI?

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