Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moon Sugar Decals Review: Halloween Hands


Today I have the pleasure of reviewing some decals from Moon Sugar Decals. They very kindly provided me with 3 different styles of water decals to review, including one Halloween themed (seriously folks, their e-mail to me was so sweet!). Unfortunately these arrived at my door Friday Nov 1st, so I missed Halloween by a day. Buuuut due to the fact that the decals are pretty awesome I decided to squeak in one last Halloween inspired look(5 days late!) before going full fledged holiday manis.

Halloween Inspired Mani using Moon Sugar Decals:

I used the following:
OPI My Boy Friend Scales Walls
Moon Sugar Decals in Bloody Hand Print (Provided for review)

Tres Blair Witch Project, no?

Moon Sugar Decals work the same as all other water decals: cut them out, soak in water, slide off and apply to dry nails. They are not backed in white so you're encouraged to use them over a light base polish (as I did here with My Boy Friend Scales Walls). This ended up working well for my mani, as it allowed me to reverse the direction of the hands thumbs by applying the decal "up-side-down" (because they're all the same hand). Thanks to the clear backing on these decals, it made no difference.

They lay perfectly flat underneath a layer of top coat.
High Level Detail
I personally LOVE water decals, they're easy to use, you have no mess, and the results are always so dramatic! Moon Sugars are no different, plus you get a lot in a package.

My only minor criticism is, is that the decals are very large. I recently had a bad break in one of my nails & had to file down to nubs. Even placed on an angle decal needed to be cut to size (just the "drip" portion) to fit on my (admittedly nubbed down) nail. Again that's not really Moon Sugars fault, and the product works exactly as it should, but some size variance would be nice.

Information from Moon Sugar:
10% off for new customers:
Use 10PERCENT1STORDER for 10% off your first purchase of $25 or more (Expires December 31st, 2013).

Custom Orders:
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I also recieved a 25% off code for readers: 25NAILCALL

Thanks so much for reading. Please don't forget to pop over to Moon Sugar!

Have a great day!



  1. That looks pretty awesome!
    It can be a problem that the decals are large though - for us with not so long fingernails :)

  2. Hahah, they are pretty cool, great mani!

  3. Thanks for the review Karen! Those nails look great. As a new company we really value feedback. We'll work on getting more sizes in our decal sheets. And, maybe better timing for our samples. :)

  4. haha these are so cool! and those hands look so tiny, i like them

  5. These are interesting!!! Will have to check this company out!

  6. These decals are too awesome! I love them!!


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