Tuesday, 14 January 2014

KKCenterHK Review: Black 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations

Good Morning friends!

To follow up yesterdays KKCenterHK review, today I have another (!!!) KKCenterHK review :D

I'll be reviewing their N.Nail Sweet Series Black 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations:
To create the above look I used:
OPI Underneath the Mistletoe (basically my go-to red since October, you can see my review HERE)
KKCenterHK Black 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations (provided for review)
Bundle Monster Plate BM-314 (you can read my thoughts on this set HERE)
Cult Nails Nevermore (stamping)

After I had finished painting my nails/stamping I applied a layer of top coat, and stuck the studs on while it was still wet & tacky. Followed by another layer to seal in the rhinestones.

The stones are called black, but in reality they are a high-shine gun-metal grey. A very beautiful finish. I personally really like costume jewelry with that style of stone as well.

I love the 2mm size, when choosing nail art decorations on-line, I don't like to go over 3mm, with 1.5 or 2mm being the optimal for my nail size & shape (typically that's the case-but yesterdays choice was an exception).

You can find the Black 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations HERE as well as get an additional 10% off your order with the code: nailcall.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you dear! It's been my favourite red nail polish since I purchased it in October, did you end up getting it? It's worth it!

  2. I love the dark feel of these, they'd be great for Halloween! I might have to order some of those studs for next year's Halloween nails :)

    1. Oh good thinking! On top of a vampy creme shade, a total Elvira themed look perhaps?


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