Thursday, 2 January 2014

Purple, Silver & Stamping


And Happy New Years!

Today I'm starting my blogging break. As most of you know, I've had (or waiting to have) my baby, and would like to take some time away from my blog. I definitely do not want my blog to grow stagnant in my absence, so since October I've been doing an extra manicure & written post to store up & schedule for my leave from blogging. I'm actually physically writing Oct 14th, and it feels strange to say I had the baby, knowing that at the present I've still got  at least 2 months to go lol!

My nails!

I used the following:
OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI (A long time favourite!)
OPI I Snow You Love Me
BM 412
Cult Nails Nevermore

Sorry about the smudged up thumb! I did it during the picture taking (a habit I seem to be getting into these days!).

The round image from BM 412 & the circle glitter from OPI I Snow You Love Me are a perfect match.

Thank you so much for reading!

All the best in 2014!



  1. This is such a pretty combination, that purple is definitely going on my "to-buy" list :)

    1. I really encourage you to grab it if you can! Purple is my favourite colour & Dutch Ya Just Love OPI just may be the #1 purple np I own! I never considered ranking them before!! :D Thank you!

  2. Very pretty! Hope you and the baby are doing well!

    1. Thank you! I'm doing very well, and as of right now (the 3rd), the wait for the baby is STILL ON! (He's one of THOSE babies... shese!) lol :)

      Have a great day!

  3. Awesome usage of I Snow You Love Me!

    1. Thank you! I personally don't care for its application straight out of the bottle, but I do like Snow You Love Me round glitter for placement.

  4. Beautiful!! I love the addition of that glitter!


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